Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday To Quintin!! 6 Years Old!!

I was a little late posting this blog. Sorry Camie i know you was waiting for it, so here it is :)

Quitnin turned 6 this year, i can't believe he is getting so big! This year we had a fun family birthday party at the Rec. Center we all had so much fun.. The kids had a blast playing basketball, runnung around, and playing outside on the toys and slides. Quintin was so excited that Jon and Camie and the kids was able to make it to his birthday party this year. Quintin had so much fun playing with all the kids Corbin & Cadin, Ryann & baby Morgann, little Corey & carter & baby Chaz, and Bethany & Keller. He was bunned out that his buddy Philip and the girls Kodi & Jasa, and the white Kamie:) couln't make it this year, but he understood why and uncle Jason being there made up for it. He missed his uncle Cole and aunt Misy and there baby Jesse, and also his uncles Corey and Alex, but aunt Natille & boys and aunt Neesha made up for them.. He also mised aunt Sarah. He was so happy with his party and everyone who came. He liked his ice cream cake it was so yummy! His aunt Neesha also made his an awsome skull cake, he loved it he thought it was so cool! No one dared to cut it and eat it cause it was so cute! It was a super yummy cake too..(Thanks Neesha) He loved all the presents and money he got. He got a card and when he opend it there was a bunch of 1$ bills he counted them and there was 20 of the 1$ bills, he was so excited to see all that money he loved it.(Thanks dad, mom & Seth) He also got a bike that he loves so much, and has been ouside riding a lot ever since his party.(Thanks Jeanette my mother-in-law) Thanks so much to everyone, and Quintin Loves you all!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kayson Jake Sorensen

On February 2nd 2007. We had our second little boy, Kayson Jake Sorensen. He acts just like his dad and looks alot like his mom. He is very shy, but wants he lets loose a while he can get a little crazy, and silly..! He is are little dare devil, he loves the outdoors, he loves cars and trucks really anything with wheels, he also loves sports, he is going to be my skater boy. He love his big brother Q, they are best friends, he looks up to him so much, he tries to be just like Quintin. Right now he is working on his brake dancing moves that Quintin has showed him=) He is our sweet baby boy. He is just so full of love!!

Quintin Jesse Sorensen

On April 19th 2003. We had our first little boy, Quintin Jesse Sorensen. He look just like his dad and acts just like his mom. He is a very outgoing, rarely shy, he loves sports, he wants to be a brake dancer, and is working very hard at it =) He loves going to school, i think it is because there is a girl he thinks is cute! No but he does great in school, it make me a very proud mommy. He is the best big brother.. He is the sweetest boy i know. And is just so full of life!!

Always & Forever

Aaron and I was married November 23rd 2002. The day we was married i told Aaron i loved him, and he wisped in my ear and said i love you two babe.. Always & Forever!! So now every night when we go to bed, and tell each other i love you we both say.. Always & Forever!! Looking back on the past 61/2 years it seems crazy we have mad it this far! There are times we rarely agree on anything.. There are days where we cant' stand the sight of each other.. Sometime there are days i don't want to do what you want to do, and there is some days you don't want to do what i want to do.. But thats marriage, and everyone has to work on marriage. No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.. And it has been worth every last second! Now looking back on the past 61/2 years it's really not crazy at all, that we made it this far!! We are two different people, but so much same.. You are my everything!! There is one thing that i know for sure, i am crazy about you.. And you is crazy about me.. I love you more and more each day. I am so happy with you!! I am so glad you will always be my.. Always & Forever!!

Just a little something till i get more pictures on my computer and then i will start my blogging..